Configuration Errors

Mar 23, 2009 at 9:42 PM
I finally found the solution to a problem I have been running into while trying to impliment this into an existing application.  I have all of the repository stuff going on in a DAL / BLL Layer.  I need to be able to call a save method from my web project.  When I do this, it throws a configuration error exception.  The only way to fix this problem is to add the connection string and interface configurations into my web.config.  If the interfaces and connection strings must be in the web.config, what is the point of seperating the data layers from the presentation layer?

If am forced to use .net 2.0 (and vs 2005) at the moment so I am using the latest build that I can (28019)

I definetly want to start migrating some of our applications to some of the p&p technologies, but is there a way to avoid having to change web.config?  I feel that these things should come from the app.config of the BLL.