Upgrade to Enterprise Library 4.1


Repository Factory currently uses Enterprise Library 3.1, and we should consider upgrading it to the latest version (4.1 at this time).
Note: If this is straight forward (just replacing the assemblies located in the RepositoryFactory\Trunk\Source\Lib with the new version), then implement this for this upcoming release (2.0). If it requires more work, then postpone this task to later (2.1) since we want release the 2.0 as soon as possible.
Closed Jan 16, 2009 at 4:08 AM by lerocha
Philippe made a good point that we should use EntLib 3.1 as a start point and also support later versions (4.0, 4.1). This can be achieved through binding redirects in configuration. Closing this task and creating a new one to verify the support of later versions.